This is my go to spot! All the employees are extremely nice, and the shakes are so delicious. I go here fairly often. The teas are also really good. I love the ambiance, they play good music, have lots of indoor seating with good lighting. The variety of shakes may overwhelm you, but I promise that they are all nutritious and yummy! The best shake is red velvet s'mores I must say...

Rebecca DeAngelis

The thin mint shake and Superman tea bomb were spot on delicious


Great atmosphere with great tasting shakes! Leaves me full and focused for my day ahead. My favorite is white chocolate covered strawberry with pink nerds tea if they have it on special !!

Abbey Wellman

This is the first place I've been a "regular" at.
Customer service: 12/10
Cleanliness: 12/10
Professionalism: 12/10
Shakes and Teas: 12/10
Might I suggest the White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake shake and Acai Berry Lemonade tea :p
The owners and workers are always smiling and energetic. The atmosphere is inviting and the aesthetic is SO cute.

Britt Huff

My favorite place to stop anytime of the day! The teas and shakes are amazing and a super friendly staff!!!! Definitely check it out!!

Mallorie Brehm

Amazing! So cute as well as delicious! You order both a tea (it's similar to juice) and a protein shake. There are so many flavors and customizations; they're all delicious! It's surprisingly filling because of all the protein in the shake. Highly recommend! Staff is friendly and helpful.
Directions: as you drive towards Celebration Cinema, turn left in front of Celebration Cinema. Knapp's corner nutrition is one of the shops in that complex that is accessible from outside.

Raleigh Kuipers

I must say, this is the best place to fet all your nutrients needs!! Been going here for a year now and to this day will not go anywhere else!! The staff is super friendly as well always making it a welcoming experience!!

Nick Trasky