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You can find a healthy drink you'll love on our menu

Wondering Where to Grab a Healthy Drink?

Knapp's Corner Nutrition in Grand Rapids, MI has got you covered
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If you're craving something tasty and healthy, you'll find what you're looking for at Knapp's Corner Nutrition in Grand Rapids, MI. We're a healthy cafe that serves all kinds of teas, shakes, immunity drinks and coffees to give you a boost while you're going about your day.

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Creating a beneficial drink for your body

When you stop by our healthy cafe, you'll have an extensive menu of tasty and healthy drinks to choose from. We've crafted our menu using a:

High-quality ingredients - we sell nutritious teas and shakes
Variety of flavors - pick your favorite flavor from our 80+ shake selection
Immunity boosters - vitamins and nutrients to help keep you healthy
Range of healthy add-ons - choose from metabolism boosters, fat burners, added fiber, collagen, vitamins, and more

You can energize yourself while avoiding a caffeine crash with our teas or amp up the benefits of your day with a healthy shake, an energizing tea, or an afternoon pick-me-up! For a detailed look at our drinks, view our Menu page now. Visit our tea and coffee shop today!